Files Remaining In FYI - My Imports and FYI - My Edits Folders


Microsoft has deployed a fix overnight that resolves this issue.

Existing files will remain in the FYI - My Edits and FYI - My Imports folders and should be removed manually if the files are confirmed to be in FYI.

Thanks for your patience.

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We are aware of an issue where files may not be removed from the "FYI - My Imports" and "FYI - My Edits" folders in OneDrive after syncing to FYI.

We have recreated the issue, and found that Microsoft has acknowledged the underlying problem and is working on a fix.

Temporary workarounds:

  • The FYI Desktop allows for editing Office documents and does not have the same issue

  • If users prefer to keep using OneDrive, we recommend saving and closing the files before selecting finish editing in FYI. After the files have been imported into FYI, manually delete the files from "FYI - My Edits". Any files imported from "FYI - My Edits" should also be manually deleted

Apologies for any inconvenience and as always, we will notify you as soon as we have a solution

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