Unable to access FYI or perform a client search


Impact: FYI users were unable to perform a client search or received an error when attempting to access FYI.

Start Time: 08/08/2022 11:55:00 AEST

End Time: 08/08/2022 12:15:00 AEST

Current Status: This issue has been resolved.

Root Cause: A key component of the FYI platform crashed, it then rebooted itself which resolved the issue.

Planned Actions: The engineering team is reviewing the sequence of events that lead to this issue occurring, any required changes will then be implemented as part of our platform maintenance.

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This issue has been resolved.

A summary of the issue will be provided shortly.

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We are investigating an issue where some users may receive an error when accessing FYI or performing a client search.

We will provide an update as soon as possible

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Affected components
  • Australia & New Zealand
    • Documents Service
    • Automation Service
    • BGL Sync
    • Email AutoFile Service
    • Export Service
    • Microsoft Login
    • Migration & Refile Service
    • NowInfinity Sync
    • OneDrive Integration
    • Platform Updates