File Is Locked By OneDrive or Takes A Long Time To Sync


Microsoft have acknowledged the issue is related to the lock release in Office.

The Office product team is investigating the issue further.

As a workaround, please review this article and consider using FYI Desktop for editing documents.

We will close this status update and notify affected users via their tickets once Microsoft have resolved the issue causing this to occur.

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Microsoft has advised that the issue is caused by OneDrive preventing the Office application from sending a lock release call to their servers.

The document is then locked until it is automatically released after approximately 45 minutes.

The bug has been escalated to the Office product team who are investigating the issue.

We will provide further updates when they become available

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Microsoft has successfully recreated the issue and escalated it to the relevant team.

They suspect documents may be locked due to a possible server-side caching issue.

We will provide further updates when they become available.

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We are aware of an issue with OneDrive which is impacting a small number of users when they finish editing documents and attempt to sync changes to FYI.

Our logs show OneDrive has the affected document locked when FYI attempts to import and move the document, OneDrive then unlocks the document after approximately 45 minutes. In most cases, the workaround does unlock the file.

We released a hotfix overnight that allows users to force stop the editing of a locked OneDrive document.

Where OneDrive has not synced the most recent document version, users can upload the correct version after "Force Stop Editing" is selected, more information here.

Using FYI Desktop to edit files locally prevents this issue with OneDrive and provides significant other benefits that can be discovered here.

We will continue to investigate and work with Microsoft to ultimately eliminate this issue to the extent we can.

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