Impact: Users were unable to log into FYI or received an error when the page did not load.

First Occurrence: 19/07/2022 06:30:00 AEST

Second Occurrence: 19/07/2022 10:58:00 AEST

Current Status: This issue has been resolved.

Root Cause: A release was performed for an unrelated fix however due to a procedural oversight, this caused an interruption of service for FYI users at approximately 06:30:00 AEST.

FYI later experienced an issue at 10:58:00 AEST when a service did not automatically failover to a secondary system, requiring manual intervention.

Planned Action: A review of the release procedure is currently underway by our CTO to ensure all documented steps are followed.

The engineering team will continue to work with our partners to ensure failover systems do not require manual intervention.

Thank you for your patience, and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

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We are aware of an issue that was impacting users when they attempted to access or navigate FYI.

Our engineering team has since restored the service.

We will provide a summary of the issue shortly.

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Affected components
  • Australia & New Zealand
    • Documents Service